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Women Wisdom

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

The purpose of Women Wisdom readings is to exclusively address the collective symbolism, themes, and metaphysical questions that impact our feminine elements. As you will find, the feminine principle is present in all living beings, therefore anyone can find value in the messages shared. With that being said, the privacy and exclusive nature of these collective readings are designed for the protection and well-being of the divine feminine.


Overall Messages

Psyche Pallas Athena Vesta Jupiter Celestial (rx) Artisan

Picture it. Pallas Athena, born through parthenogenesis from the head of Jupiter. A war goddess, advisor of heroes, and guardian of the arts and craftsmanship. Psyche, once a mortal woman who was elevated to Goddess of the Soul after marrying Eros. Immortalized by Zeus after being killed by her jealous mother-in-law. And virgin Vesta. Goddess of the home and the hearth who swore her devotion to the flame and to never marry after freeing herself from being trapped by her father who was afraid she and her sisters would take his position of power. Team up. What gifts and lessons would they have to share?

What if it was as simple as seeing aspects of your power in each woman? The same way we “should” with every creator we meet. Why am I bringing this up? A lot of us don’t know the true power we hold and why the feminine element is the life bringer of every planet. You can find that answer in the dark. The Yin. Dark matter, which is the plasma that births every celestial body in the multiverse. Old blood is so deeply red, it looks black. Why? Black is the color of all-encompassing. As a creator, if you cannot see aspects of your power in all things, then how expansive are your creations really? This is where we are. WE are the creators of what is rising to power.

The interesting thing about Pallas Athena is that she has no mother in her mythologies. Based on the Greeks, she was born from Jupiter’s forehead through parthenogenesis. According to the Romans, she was born from Zeus’ forehead after he swallowed her mother, Metis. Obviously, this is symbolic of birthing an entity (business, egregore, etc) from your god mind but why is this important here?

A mortal woman born under circumstances where there is no reference of a mother or that true divine feminine principle of magnetism and receptivity may struggle with learning the nuanced process of organically connecting with women and other creator beings. We see it so often now.

So much of what’s recommended for law of attraction and wealth accumulation (all of which are very feminine practices by their nature) is rooted in Yang energy. What we like to call “love and light.”

Not much is spoken about in regard to the feminine intelligence that brings this to life. The Yin, the darkness, the experiences that lead us to wisdom. True wisdom is only gained through experience. By “feeling” things out.

Perfect example, why can someone with a fresh degree (masculine principle of ranking) be denied a job when going against someone with more experience? Because certain things a book, words, or a thought can’t teach you. This is why we go into this third-dimensional Earthly experience. To actually ground and solidify our dark matter and gain the full wisdom of our cosmic DNA.

Sophia, the feminine Christ figure (ref. Gnostic text, Book of Sophia), translates to wisdom. Why? The Jesus Christ story is filled with so much love and light. But Sophia? Her story was about her rise out of the 12 dimensions to the rulership of her own realm. Then how she fell due to ambition and trickery/illusions inflicted by those who didn’t want to share rulership with her. This led to her testimonies of how she had to rise again, Pistis of Sophia. Interesting, right?

Sophia represents the part of us that incarnates. The body. The feelings/emotions. The present experience of a Christ being encapsulated in a fleshly body for however many waking hours out of the day. WE ALL have to be real about the spiritual disassociation and dismembering that comes with that.

If you read the Pistis Sophia, her testimony is the raw truth. About how embarrassment, shame, guilt, misplaced ambition, jealousy, rage, frustration, poor decision-making, and organized oppression is all very real and happening yet STILL is not an excuse to stray from your path and birthright. These are very specific conflicts she faced and the reason it's highlighted through her story is that it speaks about personal responsibility.

When she initially attracted the Lord that tricked her with the false light, it was simply by her existing. She rose to power and he had to share rulership with her so he wanted to sabotage her. Nothing more, nothing less. THIS is what love-and-light law of attraction doesn’t speak about. It’s not always like attracts like. Once you reach a certain level of magnetism, you’re attracting all things as a testament of your embodiment of all things.

Honey attracts flies and bees, baby. No matter how pure, no matter how ethically grown. You can do all righteous things and STILL be faced with persecution. Which is what we reference Jesus Christ to speak about. But what about Sophia? Who very early on in her Pistis takes fully accountability for the choices and ambitions she was pursuing that led to her fall to a lower realm (i.e. Earth). Not the whole immaculate conception from a virgin (unmarried) woman. Isn’t that actually more realistic in regard to the human experience? In its simplest form, your mother chose to give life to your black ass despite her body fighting you off along the way (i.e. spermicide in vaginal fluids). You insisted on being here.

Advice Messages

Pallas Athena 11H

Historically, Sophia represents the part of the soul that incarnates. Our immortal essence that is conscious that it has fallen into the mortal body. Yin is associated with the subconscious/unconscious the part of us which has heavy precedence over what our afterlife experience is like spiritually. The same subconscious part of you that led your happy ass to be reincarnated today.

Sophia is talking about what? Subconscious (feminine) intelligence. That knows that she was manipulated into falling and STILL takes ownership of her power of choice and action.

What is the point? Pallas Athena is the goddess born from parthenogenesis. Self-actualization. While Zeus and Jupiter are personified as men, it’s important to associate them with the symbolism of the godhead or god mind to fully conceptualize how this is an individual process we all do. When we’re in our Jupiterian energy, we are religious about our sacred practices, always expanding, and symbols of prosperity. What entity would be born from your mind if your third eye were to create a being?

With 11H here, the collective consciousness is called into the spotlight. Would the god body you create be shaped by the society that is currently falling? Or would it be something new and unique as we shift with this Age of Aquarius? Really think about it.

Oracle & Tarot Messages

2 of Cups 2 of Wands 2 of Pentacles Healer Innocent The Holy One 9 of Cups/10 of Cups (inverse) Queen of Swords Queen of Wands VII. Chariot XVIII. The Moon

Now that we’ve gotten the philosophical importance out of the way. Let’s get personal. Honestly, this is one of those good problems to have. At this point, there seems to be a concerted effort to manifest what you want in a balanced, holistic way. The only “problem” is this comes with a tradeoff. The 9 of Cups and 10 of cups are inverse. Meaning they have a fractional relationship when those two aspects intermingle in your life. Something always takes away from the other. The 9 of Cups is about independent abundance. 10 of cups is about accomplishing success and sharing that with others like your tribe. It’s the age-old question women struggle with. Can we, as keepers of the home, have our individual success and the loved ones to share it with?

Yes. You have it all. First of all, destroy that idea you have of purity and getting it right. You think it’s supposed to look a specific way and that’s why there’s hesitation in your self-belief. What if the struggle parts of your life were designed to be the pressure to make a diamond? Would you opt out of your current challenges just to have a cookie-cutter life? What if that meant you wouldn’t have your psychic abilities activated? That you wouldn’t have the battle practice it takes to win any war? That you wouldn’t have the financial literacy to make ANY amount of money work?

Think about the Remy Mas, the Tabitha Browns, the Sheryl Lee Ralphs. Baby, the women who "have it all," also have all the scars to prove they went through it all! "This ain't no victim song." So what if things are fucked up one day and peaches and rainbow the next? You hold full spectrum of possibilities in your mitochondrial DNA, what do you expect?

There are choices we are making that are catapulting us into the next timeline. Into an entire different realm. While it comes with trade-offs, it’s on us to choose what’s worth having and what’s worth giving up. Your version of having it all at 25 is going to be way different than at age 35. Your autonomy and independence may require different boundaries, emotional support, and financial security as you step into certain levels of power and status. Truly consider that as you cultivate and master your Yin energy (intuition, discernment, magnetism).

What you praise, becomes your master. The Holy One is speaking to a larger collective issue that women have to deal with FIRST. Very specifically, the Holy One card describes the need to develop and actively participate in a spiritual practice that is innate to you. It also gives the caution that when this card is pulled, there may be oppression or shunning of how you commune with the Divine.

I’ve wanted to speak on this for a while but why does everyone refer to God as He/Him? Men and women alike. Although, when you ask for clarity, almost everyone perceives God, Universe, Source, etc. as androgynous or without a gender. What is that saying about the collective subconscious? We can unpack that in a separate article.

In this reading, let’s just address this on a personal level. What do you even believe in? How does it look to practice it with reverence? Why is that important? Because spirituality is Yin. Religion is Yang.

A major key to women unlocking our true power in this world is to take full ownership and autonomy over our birthrights.

This goes for everyone tapped into their feminine elements. We all have spirituality and religion in our everyday life. You may go to work or pray religiously but the belief and the subconscious way you involve yourself in those things are heavily rooted in your spirit. Which is boundless, shapeless, and formless. Yin.

Women have the Queen of Swords and Queen of Wands figured out. Air and fire both being masculine elements by the way. The black women statistics that we all know, and love speak for that. Most educated, the highest group of entrepreneurs. Where is the Queen of Cups (water) and Queen of Pentacles (Earth) energy?

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