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New Moon Sagittarius

Nov 23 New Moon in Sagittarius 1 Sagittarius 38'


(s, m, r, v): sun, moon, rising, and/or venus


XIV. Temperance V of Cups

1H Hygeia

33. Spirit of the West 1. Abundance

Scorpios, this new moon is giving you time for soul-care and to nourish your spirit. You might be prioritizing your wellness and fitness. Or putting a plan together to detox or do some deep cleaning of your space before the end of this year. Your most present objective is to have more harmony in your emotional temperament. Making more money and having more emotionally fulfilling opportunities are motivating factors for you. Taking the time to do a holistic and personalized approach is going to serve you best.

To get the abundance you want, you're realizing it's going to take more from you energetically and positioning-wise than you expected. Meaning you have to actually put yourself out there and be present in certain spaces to give people a clear image of what value you bring. Very few of you may have to 'clean up your image.' But the 5 of Cups at the root of this situation suggests that your lack of optimism or enthusiasm in the past is feeding into an energy of a scarcity mindset. So cleaning up your emotional disposition or self-image is in order.

This change of heart is just to show you that sometimes that one small problem you have, can actually serve a purpose to keep the balance and maintenance in your life. For example, a minor health issue can cause you to get your health and lifestyle in order to prevent major issues that can arise down the line. Use minor letdowns or 'shortcomings' to your advantage.


8 of Swords RX Knight of Wands

1H Lilith

29. Soul Loss 19. Plant Seeds

This new moon is giving you space to find yourself again. Negativity and hopelessness have been present for you recently and this new moon cycle is giving you a break from that. You're getting to the core of integrating your shadow self with your self-image. This is giving you the courage and confidence to take on the new things you're setting intentions for.

It looks like you've been searching for new perspectives and resonance. So put it out there. Ask more questions and actively seek depth in the things that are shown. You might be receiving backlash or controversial energy yourself so don't be ashamed to shed light on the truth and find power in being the anti-villain. Causing people to ask deeper questions.

Ultimately, it's primarily about you finding your identity and essence. You may have been supporting way too many interests outside of your own. Now, you're to the point where you can plant brand-new seeds.


XVI. Tower IX. Hermit

Capricorn Pallas Athena

35. Spiritual Journey 40. Transforming Raven

Happy new moon, Sagittarius! This new moon period comes in to show you the importance and impact of taking your spiritual journey seriously. You might see omens that you're most resourceful when you think outside of your carnal limitations. The solitude you've been on with the Hermit card has resulted in some major transformations. The Higher Power present in that internal change can't be overlooked.

You've been working hard and putting pressure on yourself to gain success in certain areas. Which is good but to get the fullness of your prosperity, it's also time to look at your spiritual work too. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. While it is associated with luck and good fortune. Its primary associations are with religion, spiritual expansion, and intellectual exploration. Not just material wealth.

The new moon is showing you where you can make a plan to spend time to truly get the most out of your inner transformations. Maybe look into resources that can help you connect to and fulfill your higher calling.


0. Fool Queen of Swords Knight of Wands RX

Lunar Eclipse Pisces

3. Balance 37. The Mountain

Capricorns. You guys are getting closer to your purpose. This realization may have come after taking a risk or starting a new journey. Regardless, it's showing you what the bigger picture is for you in this new moon cycle.

In areas where you may have moved impulsively in the past, you're seeing how a more intuitively sound and discerning approach would serve you better. This is bringing a lot of balance for you, Capricorns. Showing how the small things can make an important difference in something serving your greater good or not.

This new moon is influenced by the last lunar eclipse we had. Some things may be coming full circle for you or are being illuminated. This is so that you can see the full vision of how you want to define and build your legacy.


Page of Pentacles King of Swords

New Moon Libra

22. Rise 1. Abundance

Aquarius, y'all are ready to make some major improvements toward your finances and professional development. Either a new business venture or a new job is in the works. This is something that is going to cause you to elevate your status, maturity, or mindset.

You have the new moon here putting your subconscious and conscious mind on the same page. Your heart and mind seem to be in the same place. Now it's just on you to carry things out. Some of you can use the help of getting in the spirit of the energy you're looking to embody. For example, changing your titles to show a new level of leadership. Or speaking of yourself in a certain regard.

Nonetheless, it's all about taking those first steps up to the plate. Showing that you have the tenacity, sense of responsibility, and commitment to manifest the abundance that you already have in your mind.


V. Hierophant King of Pentacles Page of Wands

Mercury Psyche

21. Prophetic Dreams 17. Medicine Woman

Pisces. So this new moon, you're feeling grounded and financially sound. However, your spiritual energy seems to be spiking. You might be called to express more of your deeper psychological perspectives in an attempt to add a sense of connectivity or innerstanding to traditional constructs. This is to use your experience as an example of what can be gained from a range of spiritual impressions.

While your creative energy is heightened, finding outlets for your passions is going to be a big highlight for you in this new moon cycle. You may find yourself being more proactive and gaining progress with your passion projects if you put that energy to good use. This can also be a boost of energy from Jupiter (Pisces co-ruler) going direct.

New wisdom and downloads are awaiting you if you take the time to learn something new. Your dreams, visions, and daydreams may be showing you important messages. Look into the symbolism of what's coming in the astral realm. It might help you remedy things happening in the physical or show you your new level of knowledge.


II. High Priestess RX 6 of Cups

First Quarter Moon Psyche

14. Ivy 31. Spirit of the North

Aries, this is some interesting energy for the new moon. So it looks like your energy is being used as an example too. Similar to Pisces, but you're showing what the beginning stages of growth truly look like. There seems to be some level of instant gratification that you're demystifying by showing your authentic self.

Right now, you'd do well by pouring into your support system and social well-being. You have a lot of stability you can gain by focusing on your secure connections and those that are true to the bond you've created. Your confidence in your ability to trust your intuition may have been tested recently. But if you look at the root of those situations your childhood patterns played a role in it. So regaining your sense of community and strengthening the relationships that heal you are going to be great resources.

This is only the start of your journey. You're on the right path. By the time the major effects of this growth are shown, you'll be much further down the line. Prioritize your core network and support now while you have the flexibility to do so.


IX. Hermit 3 of Cups RX

Cancer Sagittarius First Quarter Moon

40. Transforming Raven 3. Balance

Taurus, so y'all might have put a lot on your plate and the new moon is giving you time to rest. Most of your cards are indicating that you've committed to a lot recently. Either with friends, family, business, etc. And now you need to focus on yourself. Take a moment for self-care and your personal journey.

Factoring in your spiritual practices that help you have such a major impact on people and the collectives you're a part of is a part of the beauty in the journey. You get to remain inquisitive and sharp in your new discoveries. Setting time aside to be alone in your thoughts in that way is important.

As long as you're taking care of your needs. Especially what has helped you with this growth and progress. You'll be feeling more harmonious in this new moon cycle.


XX. Judgement 8 of Cups

Full Moon Neptune

14. Ivy 16. Light

Okay, so some decisions or cycles may be finalizing for you, Geminis. This new moon may bring light to some situations that you may have been in the dark about. Adding context around any past illusions or disappointments.

This is to encourage healing and empower you to trust your light. You're being called to move away from anything that dims your light. It's time to cater to connections that support the full range of space you need to spread your wings and make your mark.

Wrongdoing and unfairness are being balanced out but the emotional attachment to the way you want change to look isn't the answer. Focus on giving life to the love and support you've gained in this cycle that's closing out for you. You've gained a lot of psychic strength that should be supported and acknowledged.


XIII. Death 7 of Swords

Lilith Pallas Athena

21. Prophetic Dreams 17. Medicine Woman

Alright, Cancers. Y'all are not playing with this new moon energy. It looks like y'all are putting things to bed once and for all. Any of the negative things being said or harmful impressions people are harboring in their minds about you are being cleared out.

This is allowing you to cut ties and end any previous attachments you may have had. Giving you a clean break. Lilith and Pallas Athena are a dynamic duo. Although you have the power of the dark chaotic energy of Lilith, you're taking the time to weigh the pros and cons so you can take an objective approach. It's always good to know when to show restraint during times of war.

Pisces got the same advice, Cancers. So this is interesting. You may be gaining insight from the Pisces energy within you or around you. The dream world is active right now so don't overlook messages coming in the astral realm. The collective well-being may benefit from some of your skills and wisdom.


4 of Swords 6 of Cups RX

Juno 5H

40. Transforming Raven 39. Thunderstorm 4. Birch

This new moon is serious for you, Leos. Commitment to your inner peace and happiness is big for right now. Some of you might be committing to more joy and avenues for self-expression during this time. Spaces where you can just play and do what you enjoy.

Recently there may have been something painful that came to the forefront. Or you may have seen ways in which you were living off of expired feelings or memories. That was just the storm you needed to start moving in the right direction.

You may notice that the more you spend time doing the things that make you happy, your energy will naturally bring you attention. You're simply being shown how sacred you are. Things that are rare and valuable take a certain level of commitment to obtain. People like you aren't seen often so you're realizing what that comes with.


10 of Cups Knight of Swords 5 of Pentacles

Psyche Waning Gibbous Moon

42. Wild Winds 3. Balance

Virgos, this is an influential new moon cycle for you. You've reached a new height of contentment and happiness. This comes from you stepping deeply into the uncomfortable moments and being willing to openly reflect on what you're presently learning.

Whether it's vocalized or not, people are learning a lot from you. Therefore they may want you around as a role model to inspire themselves or others. This may be why you feel an additional sense of emotional support. In a lot of ways, your ideas are keeping things fresh for your greater community.

While your social and intellectual capital is up, you're feeling the pressure on your finances. You want to have a better balance on things. The advice is to start listening to what truly feels right to invest your money and time into. Don't just go along with the status quo advice or what people are saying to 'keep up with the Joneses.' Focus on your inner resonance with abundance and fully capitalize there. You already have the right ideas, it's just about feeling where the currency is flowing from the most and where it would be best put to use.


XI. Strength Page of Swords RX VIII. Justice

Taurus Lilith

23. River Woman 17. Medicine Woman

Libra, this is powerful. You have the Justice and Strength card in this reading. Meaning that you've been dealing with a chronic or long-term issue. The Justice and Strength cards are interchangeable numbers in the tarot deck. Depending on the author, the Strength card is number 8 while in other decks, it's number 11. Vice versa for the Justice card. The Page of Swords reversed is in the middle of this. Showing that sometimes the truth is dictated by perspective so jumping to conclusions can do you more harm than good.

You're being called to tap into a new level of inner truth and strength, Libras. You may be facing an ongoing problem that is coming to a resolution. Just know that your intentions are going to guide you to less turbulent waters. You can't always control the outcome but if your actions are based on goodwill and helping the situation, justice will act in your favor.

Take the time to heal and take care of anything coming to the forefront. Even if you have to indulge in or nurture your dark feminine energy more so that it's integrated in a healthy way. there's a lot of power that is coming for you with this new moon if you own your truth and realize your strength.

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