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Full Moon Gemini

Dec 7 Full Moon in Gemini 16 Gemini 02'


channeled messages:

Take what resonates and leave the rest.

  • True colors revealed.

  • 3rd eye and crown chakra activations showing with ascension symptoms or flu-like symptoms.

  • Performative actions/efforts are more apparent and palpable.

  • I Feel Pretty x West Side Story - Dark feminine vanity, potential Yin conflict.

  • "I wish I never met her at all..." I Wish x Carl Thomas - the lyrics are actually about a man being a sidepiece to a married woman.


(s, m, r, v): sun, moon, rising, and/or venus


26. The Sacred Tree 21. The Tepee

Clarity: 3 of Wands 4 of Wands

channeled messages:

  • Arising from below water. Emerging from deep emotional pressure or burden.

  • Getting the axe, graveyard, something or a situation is dead or dying.

  • "Stop thinking you're the only option..." Same Ol' Mistakes x Rihanna - ego check, confidence reminder, doing what you want despite expectations or preconceived notions.

This is a sacred time of inner evolution for you guys. You may be presented with a storm of some kind in the form of a conflict or separation. This is a time of voluntary loss. What do you have to give up in order to be centered in your divinity? Be willing to make a sacrifice of some kind to protect your peace and the transformations happening in your life. Communication about your current initiation or rites of passage may come up. Especially closer to your solar return celebration. Set intentions and be clear about what you're bringing forward with your change. This will help enhance the new age you're stepping into.


6. Beaver 14. Kokopelli, The Demiurge

channeled messages:

  • All or nothing. Go big or go home.

  • Boundaries. Where paths meet.

  • Zipper pattern - separate with ease, come together how the grooves fit

  • Step back to see the bigger picture.

  • Too close to the elephant in the room.

So this full moon cycle is going to encourage you to build an elegant solution or method to use your gifts. You are a descendant of a bloodline that produces talented offspring. Do not shy away from your birthright. You're being called to build something that has a deeper meaning beyond the physical. It will show your inner knowledge of beauty, prosperity, and how things work for an elevated outcome. Over the course of this full moon cycle to the next moon, you'll start to get the material and efficiency needed to start building it out. The beaver takes just enough time to plan, then act while intuitively figuring things out along the way. That's what is required of you. Construct your plan and take action. Everything else will begin to fall in place the way it's meant to.


12. Snake 25. Necklace and the Wampun

Clarity: Priestess of Pentacles Ace of Cups

channeled messages:

  • Red velvet-felt crown with gold trim - elevating or alchemizing root chakra aspects (specifically around insecurities, finances, shame/guilt, and feeling unworthy).

  • Lighthouse. Light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Emotional safe haven or emotional guidance.

  • Protractor/compass - mapping things out, making plans for a transition (for some: prolonging things).

This full moon period is bringing you some sensual energy Capricorn. Where you get to be more present in your body. Feeling more secure and confident in your vessel, home, and financial future. This comes after seeing everything as connected. That those who can be deemed as your enemy can also work as an ally or in your favor. A transformation needs to take place for you to see this clearly. Shedding your old skin so you can have a fresh approach. This is to show you that the circle of life is a protected cycle that has to be honored. Anything that is falling away or crumbling at the foundation is meant to. Things that are being adopted and introduced have a purpose to serve in the cycle emerging. Your acceptance and flow with this will bring out your inner power, beauty, and magnetism.


29. The Tomahawk 13. Elk

Clarity: 8 of Swords 10 of Swords

channeled messages:

  • Are they motivated by you or motivated to get ahead of you?

  • Having fun with it. Making the best of it.

  • "Make it last forever and ever..." Make It Last x Keith Sweat - for couples: both parties want to make things work.

  • Weathering the storm.

  • Ready for divine intervention.

Very interesting energy here, Aquarius. So overall you're being asked to do what is needed to make sure your finish what you've started but with the Tomahawk, 8 of Swords, and 10 of Swords here, extremism is a concern. You might be prone to going too hard about something that requires finesse or softness. Is it more important to you to win or is it more important to finish? It's time to really think about if the victory you seek is worth the way you're going about it. Get out of your head and into your heart. There are some mental gymnastics going on that's creating the circumstance of "a rock and a hard place." Don't back yourself into a corner to the point where you'd have to destroy something worth keeping just to get out of a tough position. The Elk suggests you have the power and resilience to see what you're doing through. Your mindset and tools for conflict resolution are the areas that need attention right now though.


4. Wolf 7. Deer

channeled messages:

  • Blank chalkboard - lesson learned or class in session? You decide.

  • Rest and reflect.

  • Bell - call to action, making requests/demands, signal to pray/meditate to communicate with the heavens, 'echo of God's voice.'

  • A subtle issue that will only grow worse if ignored.

Pisces. Wow. Okay, so you're getting a lesson in unconditional love. Struggle and conflict can cause things to separate but they can also bestow gifts. You're being called to innerstand the power of unconditional love. We have the fierce and loyal wolf, that is tribe-oriented. As well as the hunter's sacrificial deer. The same hunter that will kill the deer is the same one that will pray over its dead body to ask for continued success on their hunt with the promise of only hunting just enough deer in the process. That traditional ritual is mentioned here with the deer. Pisces, it's time to stop being the one being sacrificed especially for the sake of love. Turn that unconditional love within. Deers naturally sacrifice their own antlers every year for them to grow back larger each year until maturity. It's time for you to allow your natural shedding process to happen so you can fully be that wolf amongst sheep. The wolf in some native American traditions is viewed as a psychopomp. A guide for the living to the dead. Know when to let things die so you can fully step into your power as a guide.


1. The Heavens 32. The Drum

Clarity: X. Wheel of Fortune XI. Strength

channeled messages:

  • Seeing the trees through the fog.

  • Your 3rd eye abilities and strengths interdepend on how grounded you are.

  • Stand on it. Keep your word. Don't waver on your stance.

  • Capricorn energy. Stability.

Can you allow the sacred journey to unfold without meddling? Trust in divine timing. In the meantime, you're being asked to go with your inner rhythm. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Have strength in your knowing that things are changing and working out in your favor. It's about being able to ride on the wheels of change and transformation not manually turn the wheel yourself. Look for the patterns that point you to and result in your fortune. The stars align in that way for a reason. It may help you carve out your own lane.


8. Woodpecker 23. The Dream Catcher

channeled messages:

  • Breath of fresh air.

  • Digging deep to build tougher skin.

  • Mastering kundalini energy. Kundalini rituals. Serpent magick.

  • Realizing the purpose behind certain outcomes.

Okay Taurus, this might be a reality check type of full moon if you don't truly listen before jumping to conclusions. You're being challenged to test discernment. The woodpecker is here to show that you have a natural ability to pick at things to get to the nourishing aspects. However, sometimes woodpeckers will spend unnecessary time on a tree that doesn't have anything deeper to give. Sometimes people can make the mistake of overlooking the answer right at the surface thinking there's something deeper and darker to uncover. In this case, that deeper darker thing is your own primal energy and how to master it so it can be of use. You are getting a message loud and clear this full moon. Are you listening or is your own pecking too loud to decipher it?


7. Deer 18. The Corn Mother

channeled messages:

  • Bird's eye view.

  • Moving away from the smoke/impending fire.