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New Moon Libra

Sep 25 5:54 PM New Moon in Libra 2 Libra 49'


s, m, r, v: sun, moon, rising, and/or venus


(s, m, r, v)

IX. Hermit Queen of Cups

Unexpected: 10 of Wands

Happy New Moon, Libras! You have some cozy and loving energy on this new moon. This comes after working so hard recently. You have time for solitude and to retreat into your comfort zone. I think you have a solid idea of what’s really making you happy right now.

This is a good sign for any present relationships or support systems that are going well. You don’t feel like you have to figure it all out on your own. You’ve taken on a lot but these moments where you have the emotional security and safe spaces to pour into yourself are a reminder that it's well worth it. You are able to still take a load off and focus on yourself.


(s, m, r, v)

IX. Hermit VI. Lovers

This is a sexy new moon for you, Scorpios. Maybe not full-on sex but you have the recipe for a good night in with a lover. Of course, the Lovers card can speak to you feeling empowered and harmonious in the full spectrum of who you are. A unification of your masculine and feminine where you’re centered. Moreso than being an extremist. If that’s the case, you’re definitely enjoying your own company. Which opens up a deeper knowledge of your beliefs and inner compass. For those who are enjoying a meaningful connection with someone else during this new moon cycle, you’ll definitely enter another level of intimacy. Where you get to feel what your partner means to you spiritually and how that supports you in staying on your path.


(s, m, r, v)

Ace of Cups (rx) 10 of Pentacles

It seems like you may be swapping the love side of Venus for the material side. Not a bad thing, it’s just clear that moving forward with new connections that were offered may be delayed. This is definitely a time to truly reflect from a place of power and accomplishment though. You are far from being in a bad position. Despite any relationships that fall through or disappoint, you have the internal stability to see the silver lining. Family is a big part of it for you. You already have a family support system in place so if these new love offers were something you were considering for the long term, the Ace of Cups in reverse is a sign not to act impulsively. Feeling things out is more important when you’re thinking about including someone in your full picture.


(s, m, r, v)

6 of Pentacles 10 of Swords

Clarity: XIX. Sun 6 of Swords

Sagittarius. Look at you. In a very good financial position this new moon. A recent transition you made, was a good one. Changed job, new environment, etc. You’ve also changed your mindset about your situation too. Giving off a very positive outlook about what is ahead. Your relationships seem to be reciprocal as well. At least in the areas of acts of service and tangible support. You're in an energetic space where it looks like you’re getting back what you put in all across the board. Which is awesome. Honestly, Sagittarius, enjoy your new moon cycle. We should be taking advice from you lol.


(s, m, r, v)

8 of Swords (rx) 2 of Pentacles

Clarity: 8 of Swords XX. Justice

Okay, this is interesting. So Capricorns, you’re seeing that you’re actually not doing as bad as you thought? I’m not sure what’s going to be the 'aha' moment but with the Justice card here, it suggests it’ll have a divine intervention feel to it. Where you’ll see a truth that changes how you’ve been thinking about yourself. Maybe somebody who you were pressuring yourself to keep up with, reveals that they’re not as fully balanced as you think they are. Which in turn sets a more realistic expectation for yourself. You've clearly made an effort to be more objective in your life recently though and it's paying off. So it could be that habit reaping rewards. It’s like when you stop trying to negotiate things to be skewed towards your perspective and you start to make things go in your favor objectively. For example, in the middle of an argument when you realize that your perspective doesn’t quite prove the point you’re trying to make as strongly as a more objective fact that you can focus on. I like it. It’s good straightforward energy but comes with mental clarity and balance. That’s a good new moon if you ask me.


(s, m, r, v)

XVII. Star IX. Hermit

Clarity: 8 of Wands King of Cups

Aquarius. You are in alignment with this new moon. Quick manifestations. A lot of focused, productive movement. Good energy for this new moon cycle. It does look like you’ve been taking more authority over your emotional fulfillment. Those choices may be leading you towards opportunities you’ve been speaking or thinking about. Don’t be surprised if something you speak passionately on comes to fruition with this new moon cycle. You’re not having much of the “be careful what you wish for” energy, Aquarius. The hermit here suggests that deep introspection and grounding in your spiritual beliefs are at the core of what is motivating you. You definitely have the emotional maturity to take on the responsibility of the star power you hold. Use that quick 8 of Wands energy on what’s truly serving you because once things are in motion, they’ll take off pretty quickly.


(s, m, r, v)

4 of Pentacles (rx) XX. Justice

Clarity: 5 of Swords Knave of Pentacles

Advice: Ace of Pentacles (rx) 8 of Pentacles

Okay Pisces, you’re getting out of a lack mentality this new moon. You see things in a more open-minded way in terms of your financial situation. This is still early on though so you may be focused more on the preparations and getting things in order. There was some sort of recent conflict that showed you where you still have to grow. As well as where you have or may need support. This is so you know exactly what you have to work with. Which actually has made you more creative financially and given you fresh ideas. 8 of Pentacles talks about diligent work and mastery. Keep that energy up. It’s definitely going to add some fuel to your prosperity mindset. The Justice card is on your side to make sure you get what’s due. Stay on your path, this is just the start of your new beginning.


(s, m, r, v)

Queen of Wands (rx) 10 of Swords

Clarity: XVIII. Moon XIX. Sun

Okay, Aries. It’s time to get to the nitty-gritty. There’s a weird dichotomy happening with you guys. For some of you, it’s between your inner confidence and hopelessness. As if you might be oscillating between the two like day and night. In the Sun, you’re confident ready to take everything on. Then maybe right before bed at night you’re feeling like the odds are stacked against you? For those in relationships, there may be more passion and desire coming from your relationship emotionally. But your know it’s not sustainable to prevent it from ending. This is interesting. Aries, it’s time to really get your subconscious and conscious mind on the same page. If you trust your intuition and stand firm in your discernment, you’ll feel more empowered about this 10 of Swords moment.

Especially if it’s in regards to a relationship. Do you know how married couples sometimes plan to separate after the kids go to college? Essentially, take a proactive approach. So the outcome still leaves you feeling good about everything. For example, if you’re living with your partner and things are on the rocks, you can set a timeline for y’all to work on things until the lease is up. Which satisfies your present feeling of hopefulness while not leaving you feeling like you have to stick it out to avoid taking the bandaid off.

For those that this doesn’t involve a relationship. I would say you want to find harmony in what you consciously think about yourself and what you subconsciously worry about. There’s a way to remain confident and positive about the future while also being realistic about the obstacles or barriers you have in front of you to get there. It may serve you to shed light on some of the unknown aspects or uncontrollable variables that you ponder over in the back of your mind. It’ll help you be more of the Queen of Wands upright consistently. Regardless of what endings or inevitable conflicts come your way.


(s, m, r, v)

6 of Swords XIX. Sun

Unexpected: Queen of Cups

Clarity: Queen of Wands 10 of Swords

Advice: I. Magician Ace of Wands

Taurus, this new moon cycle is showing you how to clear a bitch. Meaning how you truly reset and start fresh. Your new changes were a good choice as well and you see it clear as day. The Magician suggests your reality is a lot more malleable for you, Taurus. Things are going the way you like and it solidifies the psychic and emotional level-up those recent endings activated for you. You definitely have way more confidence. You’re consciously aware that you can make things bend to your will and you’re bringing the fire to back it up. The ending of your last cycle released a lot of baggage from you, Taurus. I think you guys saw what was truly needed for you to be emotionally fulfilled and now you have all the spiritual power, space, and opportunity to obtain it.


(s, m, r, v)

XIX. Sun (rx) Page of Swords

Unexpected: 9 of Cups (RX) 10 of Cups (RX)

Clarity: 10 of Swords III. High Priestess