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Lunar eclipse & 11.11 portal

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


(s, m, r, v): sun, moon, rising and/or venus


XIV. Self X of Cups

Communicator (Messages) Animal (Instinct)

Lilith Aquarius

Ace of Pentacles XVIII. Thought

11.11 Portal: Page of Pentacles RX X. Wheel of Fortune Vesta Ascendant

This eclipse and portal period is bringing in deep introspection, Virgos. You’re seeing how you may have shown up as more agreeable and accommodating in certain circumstances. Whereas now, you want to make more of a signature mark. Highlight your authentic message. This could be because you’re more focused on getting in a frequency that’ll bring to fruition financial and career opportunities that are more in alignment with what you genuinely love. Instead of ones that you agree to for the sake of it.

Much of your current emotional fulfillment is coming from your deepened sense of self-awareness and identity. Which can help you stand up more for yourself in areas where people may expect you to be mutable. Your lunar eclipse activations are showing up primarily in your thought process and expression. Thought-enmeshments and transference of perception happening within the collective are leading you to withdraw to your own channel to get back to your core originality.

You're being asked to be your most authentic self. Focus on the ideas and plans that truly speak to your long-term passions. Take those initial steps even if it comes with a learning curve at first. It's better than just going along with the status quo.


Queen of Swords RX 5 of Pentacles

Sun Waning Cresant Moon

Moon Tree

XI. of Water (Emotions/Intellect) RX VI. of Pentacles

I. The Child XXIV. Faith

11.11 Portal: Queen of Water VII. Chariot Gemini Pallas Athena

Libra you’re balancing the scales this portal and eclipse period. Your logic and emotions are having an inverse relationship at the moment due to feelings of lack. Potentially in relation to something you wanted to see grow? You’re being asked to have faith. Trust the work you’ve done. Surrender and release unnecessary things you cannot change or control. This is more about the cycle you’re in rather than anything you’re not doing.

With the lunar eclipse cycle, you may have noticed, you’ve been called to do your best and let the Universe handle the rest. The portals will align you with the timeline of your deeds and efforts. Which, in turn, should allow you to see signs of the physical manifestation of your intentions and motivations. Focus on feeling balanced regardless of the hiccups or challenges.

The 11.11 portal will bring more peace to your emotions. Don't turn down opportunities to bond or network with people who support the harmony of your diverse range of interests. You might be weighing out the pros and cons of some things to keep in the fold. So good council is much appreciated.


XI. Strength X. Wheel of Fortune

I. The Child XXIV. Faith

9th House Hygeia

Aquarius Pluto

Hero (courage) Gardener (Cultivation)

11.11 Portal: XVIII. Moon 6 of Cups

Very powerful energy happening this full moon lunar eclipse period for you, Scorpios. You’re really having more confidence and trust in things working in your favor and the unknown. Major changes are encroaching primarily in regards to your value system, spiritual practices, or expansion/expression of your mission. You may have a sense of this already. This could show up in urges to clean up house and make space for something new. Or focusing on your health and wellness to honor your temple.

You can sense the realm of possibilities that are opening up. Lean in towards your inner child, heartfelt instincts. Those little passions are planting the seeds for you to show more of your hero story. Where you can see how you truly stand out from the rest and bring what others simply cannot because they didn’t have the alchemization of your unique circumstances. Weed out what doesn’t support the ecosystem of your strength and self-sustainability. Nurture what does.

There’s a unique sense of power you’re activating this eclipse period. A couple of the primary celestial bodies are aspecting your cosmic energy as well. So ;ook at where Saturn, the sun, and the moon are transiting your natal chart. A lot of the inner child wisdom is coming from those houses.


2 of Pentacles Ace of Cups

7 of Cups XIV. Temperance

Chiron 12H

Communicator (Messages) Animal (Instinct)

11.11 Portal: XIII. Death King of Wands X. Wheel of Fortune

You’re finding a new sense of happiness by juggling a couple of opportunities you’re focusing on at the moment. This might have caused you to think you can do it all though. This full moon lunar eclipse cycle is showing you that you have a lot of options but can only balance so much. We all have inherent limitations that we have to honor to prevent chronic issues from flaring up.

Hone in on your intuition and what speaks to your core message. That way you don’t thin out the common thread that these opportunities were brought in within the first place. There’s some subconscious healing that is either happening in the background or being brought to light through the work you’re invested in. Be mindful of that. Make space to tend to your mental health and any negative thinking or self-doubt ruminating in the back of your mind. That way you have a clear mind to focus on what’s most harmonious to the new realm of happiness you’re encountering.

You might need to put some things to rest. Especially anything that wavers your confidence in being able to handle the unexpected. You want to trust in your ability to make anything work for you. That instinct is a power to strengthen.


XX. Judgement 9 of Cups 9 of Pentacles

Uranus Vesta Waxing Crescent Moon

Warrior RX Shadow (Darkness)

11.11 Portal: IV. Of Fire V. of Air

Divine intervention or an inner calling is fueling you to get your ducks in a row. You’re tapping into your next level of independence and emotional fulfillment. This is because what you’re being called to do is prioritize your mission. Add to the fire that fuels your soul. This can show up by feeling the need to take action on things that need to change in your life. Even if it’s small actions in regards to clarifying how you deserve to be treated.

The Judgement card indicates that wrongdoings, conflicts, and misunderstandings are going to be cleared up. As long you’re able to take accountability for your actions regardless of how dark-sided they may be, you’ll complete a cycle that was coming to a well-deserved end. All of the changes point toward you doing what’s aligned with your destiny and your first mind.

Shadow work could be helpful for some, Sagittarius. However, a lot of it will play out with the people you interact with. So being mindful of how you react is the primary way to avoid getting hooked in the chaotic energy we’re encountering with this portal week. Overall, the energy is favorable for the changes happening for you, Sagittarius. Just be self-aware of your darkness. Particularly where you get overly defensive, hyper-protective, or cross other people's boundaries.


VIII. Justice 7 of Swords

IV. The Mother VIII. of Air

Neptune Capricorn

Innocent (Purity) Water (Flow)

11.11 Portal: 9 of Cups RX IX. Hermit Leo 3rd House

Okay, Capricorns. This is a lot. So it looks like there’s been some real “waiting on my downfall” type of energy around you and you’re already putting internalized pressure on yourself. Some things may have been delayed or simple mistakes can seem to have the potential to undo significant progress you’ve made. Perhaps just because somebody was waiting for the moment to say you did something wrong. With the Justice card, it does indicate that fairness and balance will be restored. It just might require you to take a step back to recollect and check in with what’s your real ‘win’ in certain situations.

The reason being is that you’re in an extremely magnetic or even coveted position right now. The tone you set about who you are as a person and what you think you deserve, is what people are actually responding to. While you may not express your full essence to everybody, you’re expressing something. And even if it’s the normal front-facing persona of your ego or personality. People are still going to take that and run with it. If your perception is not clear or wrapped up in the illusion and delusions of Neptune, the essence of who you are might get misconstrued.

So in all honesty, you’re being asked for a spiritual check-in or upgrade (for those who aren’t quite clear on their internal spiritual system). You’re on very fertile ground and you can make a lot happen. The extra pressure you’re putting on yourself isn’t what’s needed. These portals are opening with opportunities for you to take more care of yourself and nurture your spiritual growth. If any plans get canceled or rescheduled, take is a good sign. The Universe is freeing up space for you to take up. That way you can fine-tune your frequency to pick up on more of the people and experiences that value your pure energy.


IV. of Water VI. of Air (Inverse)

Knight of Pentacles Ace of Pentacles (Inverse)

Lunar Eclipse Aquarius

Inventor RX Peacemaker (Serenity)

11.11 Portal: Queen of Cups RX XII. The Hanged Man Sagittarius Gemini

Okay, Aquarius. Y’all are being asked to be the real diplomats with this portal moment we’re encountering this week. There's a lot of politics, meeting in the middle, and playing peacemaker you’re dealing with. Funny enough, with the lunar eclipse, that was supposed to be your time to withdraw from the collective consciousness and groupthink. With all the political fodder being fed to the masses that day, I’m not sure if that was easy for you to do or not.

I feel like you’re going into a self-reflective period because you’re wondering how to navigate things in regard to your work and finances. You want to feel intuitively sound and happy with the work that you do. It seems like your joy and inner peace have to keep taking tradeoffs to obtain money or maintain your current network.

This 11.11 portal is opening up doorways for you to pursue the experiences and people that would resonate the most with you. It’s just about separating yourself from what the typical person is expected to do and inventing your own form of peace. That’s going to bring the emotional fulfillment you might have been feeling in the absence of.


2 of Earth XXIII. Integrity

Page of Cups III.Empress King of Swords

Taurus Waning Gibbous Moon

Mother (Nurturing) RX Master Ancestor DNA

11.11 Portal: Queen of Cups RX 9 of Wands Neptune Mercury

Pisces. You’re getting hit with a lot as well. So you guys are being called for a spiritual update and check-in much like Capricorns. Primarily because your focus right now is on finding a better harmony and balance between home life, work, and your spiritual self-care. You may be experiencing slowdowns and long pauses of rest with this portal and eclipse happening this week because you have to start to cater to your natural rhythm. Where you’re not overpromising and overgiving.

You’ll start to see when you share what you’re going through or struggling with, people will start to make adjustments that can help you. Mercury is showing up as a reminder to express yourself, especially your needs. And to listen to truly receive what others are saying rather than react out of emotion. While you’re having these spiritual audits with yourself, it’s going to be important to use your objective and logical side when dealing with your relationships. You may be getting some offers because of the Empress energy coming off of you, but everything should get weighed out with your analytical mind as well.

This eclipse and portal energy is evaluating your spiritual process, habits, and overall perception. Your comfort and natural resonance are the primary avenues that you’re addressing. As long as you see that there are no coincidences about what is it you’re picking up on or revealing about yourself, you should be able to meet each circumstance with the tenacity and genetic backing to get the most out of it.


Queen of Cups VII. Chariot

VI. The Crone XVII. Journey

Vesta Scorpio

Artist (Creativity) PeaceKeeper (Serenity)

11.11 Portal: 3 of Swords Page of Wands

You’re being asked to take an interesting path during this eclipse portal period we’re encountering this week. The journey of the crone. This is one that faces a lot of rejection from the surface level but when people want to unleash untapped power, they go to the crone.

Your actual emotional fulfillment is coming from being a master of this dichotomy or ‘element of surprise’ for lack of better terms. It’s well within your wheelhouse to create and initiate these impassioned moments that unlock things about people and yourself. While this is a key component of your spiritual gifts/power, you’re being asked to check your emotional regulation in the process. Your temper or emotional responses can make your gift seem more like a curse if you add gasoline to any and every fire.

While there are some painful endings or hurtful truths coming to light happening around you. All you’re being asked to do is be nimble. While you may have to soothe your own anger to take calm and calculated action towards your purpose. Also, have an intimate space where you can express and deal with your raw emotions. That way you’re also still doing what’s best for you. Just because it may be a part of your spiritual journey to be a natural trigger for people to see what needs to be changed, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when those bandaids are ripped off.


VIII. Death/Rebirth 7 of Cups 0. Fool

Solar Eclipse 10th House

Magician (Conjuring) Artist (Creativity)

11.11 Portal: 10 of Cups King of Pentacles RX

Taurus, you’re doing some major conjure and manifestation work with the portal openings. Maybe because you’re realizing that your lifestyle, career, or reputation is revamping. You’re in the process of spiritual rebirth. So that way the rituals and magic you do every day actually excite you and make you feel more connected to divinity.

Finances are the big focus. For some, you haven't prioritized your financial longevity because you’ve been doing what’s making you happy. To turn that around, make long-term assets a part of your primary investments. King of Pentacles in reverse can also be a workaholic and only find happiness in money and wealth. On either side, King of Pentacle RX doesn’t indicate a shortage of money, more so, an indulgent use of it that mainly serves your emotions.

Since you have the 10 of Cups present it does show that you may be gaining emotional fulfillment that money can’t buy. This is affirming that you are creating a life that’s true to your heart. Which is why you have the abundance to show for it. It’s just time to focus more on experiences that are going to yield a return on investment that is well worth the energetic price.


VII. Chariot 10 of Wands

7 of Fire XIV. King of Fire

Shadow (Darkness) RX Innocent (Purity) Plant (seeding)

Taurus Venus

11.11 Portal: Mercury Hygeia

Cancers, you guys are really sensitive to the portals opening this week. You’re activating or upgrading your intuition and psychic abilities. With Chariot, 10 of Wands, and Shadow here, there’s a lot of hard work and channeling of deep inner strength happening. You’re facing a lot. Potentially about the way that people can allow their shadow selves to run rampant or past seeds that were planted coming up and rearing some unpleasant fruit. Regardless, relying more heavily on your intuition and ability to forecast the future, can help give you the armor for any psychic attacks. Use prayer, meditation, or whatever form of divination that works for you to start aiding you in the moves that you make.

The advice is from Taurus and Venus. While you may have to be stubborn about your psychic strength and fortitude. Take the time to cater to your body, mind, and overall well-being. The last thing you want is for whatever hectic energy you’re getting from the outside to disrupt your self-worth and how you take care of yourself.

The 11-11 Portal is opening up opportunities to clean house. Especially in regard to agreements, communication barriers, or even just in regards to the neuro-synaptic language you’re using to perceive yourself and what’s happening around you. A shift in your mindset can come with it too. Although your psychic gifts might be more kinetic than mental. Meaning what you’re upgrading might show up tangibly rather than primarily in the mind.


III. The Youth VII of Fire

VII. Chariot IV. Emperor

Celestial (Boundless) Peacekeeper (Serenity)

Chiron Cancer

11.11 Portal: 8 of Swords 6 of Cups Virgo Leo

Leos. Wow. You have some major life questions you’re facing right now. You’re maintaining a rock-solid balance of your responsibilities but your inner child is burning to get free. You want to feel like you actually have the freedom to do whatever you want but you are holding tight on the reigns that keep your life together.

Honestly, is really not a bad thing. Feeling like it’s time to break the routine and add some adventure to your life is a good sign. You’re a lot more stable than you perceive yourself as. Take action to romanticize or add some nostalgia to your life. While you may be used to handling yourself with kid gloves because of past issues, you’re in a more mature space now so it’s time to fully activate.

Your intuition has an opportunity for an upgrade with the portals opening this week. This can help some of you with the expression and perception of what you’re capable of. Like Cancers, you would benefit from making your psychic development a part of your routine spiritual practice. This can help break up the mundane feeling of being responsible and bring in that youthful energy of wonder, curiosity, and joy.

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