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Women Wisdom: Feminine Magick

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Yin magick is the dark side of the arts. While there are kinetic powers like super strength, speech, and teleportation. There are passive ones that utilize feminine principles as the primary force. Meditation, psychic abilities, and dream magick are popular forms of feminine magick. Let's explore a few other forms of the arts that the Yin principle dominates.

Blood Magick

Most people think of blood magick in the typical scenario of period sex or putting menstrual blood in someone's food. But what about the use of blood for protection or increasing life force? Using blood in rituals adds in the power of your ancestors. This can purify and amplify the energy of your practices. Animal and human blood are often used to represent life force offerings in rituals. This shows a sacrifice of power to the energy or deity you are petitioning.

How does this relate to the feminine principle? The bloodline. Women have the birthright to facilitate or gatekeep the continuation of any lineage of the human race. This is why our rights to procreate and marry have always been a topic of discuss or a tool of control.

In the Jewish faith, it's the mother who preserves the bloodline. Although it's a religion you can convert to. It becomes more of an ethnicity because a child born from a Jewish mother is automatically Jewish. Royalty, is similar in that way. While it can be characterized by wealth or land acquisition, the royal bloodline cannot continue without the feminine principle. In regards to blood magick, women are the beginning and the end of human experience.

Dark Side Warfare

War is often associated with men. Combat and many of the offensive tactics in war are Yang principles. But what about spiritual or psychological warfare? Entire masses of people can be controlled through emotional and psychospiritual means. This is Yin power. Often times, it is covert and subtle. Much like guerilla warfare tactics.

Sabotage, wearing the enemy down, propaganda, and sneak attacks are dark sided methods for winning war. It's aimed at depleting the enemy of their resources, support, and soldiers. We see this being done to countries in Africa with the psychological warfare of, 'population control.' As well as the sabotage done to those countries by depleting them of their natural resources.

Women naturally use covert warfare. When we have a problem with someone, instead of attacking them straight out, we use subtle methods to defeat our perceived enemy. This often shows up as gossip (propaganda), exclusion, and sabotage to get them weak enough before the fatal strike.

Home & Herbal Magick

Being the evolutionary homemakers and gatherers, women have domain over the necessities of life. In astrology, the 4th House is associated with the home and is ruled by Cancer. Traditionally, Earth is referred to as Mother Earth. The home and Earth are feminine principles, therefore, woman rule over the primary sources of our wellbeing.

We control food preparation for the family. We heal the tribe with what we gather from the Earth. And we make a house into a home through our creative powers. While there are a lot of rituals and spells that specifically address the home and utilize the power of herbs. Intentional ritual or not, women are the natural magicians of the home and Earth due to centuries of alchemizing in these spaces.

Glamour Magick

Neptune has entered the chat. While Venus, rules beauty. Neptune rules glamour, baby. Glamour is the art of illusion and alchemy to evoke attraction and appeal. Beauty is natural and deemed in the eyes of the beholder. However, glamour, is learned and a skill to be acquired.

Glamour comes from the root word, grammar which means scholarship. This is how some women can be deemed beautiful but have no sex appeal because that appeal is a skill that can be learned. On the other hand, this is why some women who don't fit the beauty standard can still be deemed attractive and appealing.

Makeup, weaves, body modification, and adornments are all forms of glamour magick. Woman dominate that space. While we may not own majority market share of those industries, we control it. Without us, it would fail. Beauty can be subjective. However, glamour work is judged by technique and skill. Whether you like it or not. If the technique is done correctly, the fanciful essence it's meant to provoke cannot be denied.

Temptation Magick

Okay ladies, I know we like to keep this art to ourselves so let's get into a brief overview of the art of temptation. This is similar to psychological warfare in the way that it's methods are primarily covert or subtle. The aim is to use emotional and subconscious elements to provoke a specific response.

This is way men say that women 'shoot their shot' by looking at you or through body language. The way we dance, dress, or even the tone we use when speaking can be a means to enchant and tempt someone. Sometimes most of the work is in being strategically placed and learning what moves your subject to emotionally respond.

We know that emotion is the strongest motivator for humanity. There are two primary emotions, love and fear. Women, we have the power to rule both when using temptation magick. While men can use charm and allure to achieve the same goals, it's the feminine principle they have to tap into to get what they want without force.

How do you get someone to do something they initially had no intention to do without force? You tempt them into making them feel like it was their choice.

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