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Pisces Full Moon Reading

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Full Moon in Pisces 17 Pisces 41' Sep 10 2022 5:59 AM EST


s, m, r, v: sun, moon, rising, and/or venus


(s, m, r, v)

5 of Coins | 10 of Wands

Cosmic Messages: 1H Psyche

Oracle Messages: Dancer (rx) Animal Mother Mentor (rx)

Tarot Messages: Knight of Swords (RX) Knave of Swords

Virgos, it's time for some real talk. So some of you may have recently made this realization, so you're embracing it. While some of y'all may be coming to terms with it during this full moon cycle. You can not go on about life without truly taking care of yourself. In a real way. Not in terms of your productivity, the work you produce, or what you say about yourself. But TRULY take care of yourself. In your most primal, instinctual sense.

For example, making sure you're eating and not just running off fumes. Fully grooming yourself and not just doing the most convenient thing that looks good and is deemed presentable. Actually making room for your more receptive elements to be nurtured and taken care of. In an intentional, deeply connected way.

Your finances are your primary focus. This full moon may highlight ways in which you're not fit for a poverty mindset. Even if it's just in terms of the treatment you normally give to yourself. Some of you may be coming to terms that you can't physically work your way to success. Money is magnetic, baby. Think of ways to expand your magnetism and attraction. Passive gains that don't take a toll on your body and time.

Learning from women and motherly energy may be a good practice for you at this time. The value they bring and the ways in which they compel people to want to take care of them is something you're being called to hone in on, Virgos. Focus more on being curious about your way of going about doing this. How your signature of intelligence can draw in the most soulful and connected experiences. This will, in turn, will give you the creative power to prioritize the work that doesn't require so much stress on the body.


(s, m, r, v)

XII. The Hanged Man | 7 of Wands

Cosmic Messages: 4H Pisces

Oracle Messages: Caregiver Mother Celestial

Tarot Messages: 7 of Pentacles (RX) 3 of Wands

So Libras, this is an intimate full moon for you. A reflective time. You've had some recent challenges that you've overcome or are preparing to face. Home life is really your focus and you want to feel secure and spiritually sound in your environment. You know you're going to have to make some sacrifices because financially you're not where you want to be.

Traveling and living in a new space may be the change you need. You'll have that initial cost of a transition but ultimately, as long as you focus on laying a good foundation you'll start to attract the village you need. You may be contemplating ways to improve your quality of life and preserve the things you've worked hard for. Use the full moon to be active in the thoughts you're reflecting on.

Actually put research behind that so that you can open your mind to what you can see for yourself long-term. Stop limiting yourself to your immediate environment and what's around you right now. If you move around, you'll see you may naturally just attract support and new opportunities to fully invest in something worthwhile and fruitful.

This is a time of necessary quiet. Deep introspection. Tap in your subconscious to start to work through those challenges coming up in the back of your mind. There are limitless possibilities for you to explore.


(s, m, r, v)

King of Cups | 3 of Swords

Cosmic Messages: Aries Waxing Crescent Moon

Oracle Messages: Actor (RX) Lover

Scorpio. Okay. So, this full moon cycle might be a little emotionally intense for you. It looks like there was performative love being shown and it's coming to light in one way or another. You're being tested to see what you focus on with this situation.

Right now Scorpios, you're in a position of power. Seemingly backed by your natural, authentic energy. And it looks like you have control over your emotions in this situation. So if there is something that is trying to capture your attention and get a negative reaction out of you, recognize it for what it is.

With Waxing Crescent Moon showing up, this is an affirmation that the fruits of your labor are just starting to grow. You're seeing the initial signs of progress and results. Let's focus on what love and true character really is. There's a universal truth that backs up someone's genuine nature and motives.

Invest your time and energy in that which is contributing to your emotional balance and healthy growth. It's too early for interference now, this is an impressionable phase.


(s, m, r, v)

Queen of Coins | 0. Fool

Cosmic Messages: Ceres Neptune

Oracle Messages: Water Rhythm Maker

You may be going through a necessary reset during this full moon period. Think of it as maintenance before the season changes. You're in a good place financially. Spiritually, you have to do a deeper check-in. I feel like it's been more of just going with the flow instead of carving out time to be specific about your spiritual practice.

Ceres and Neptune work together to remind you that you can take a break from the monotony of the physical realm to remember how transcendent you truly are. That you have deep, powerful gifts that shift the collective and set trends. You are often the tastemaker and curator of your tribe.

Think of this as a moment to get ready for a new platform or level of what you've been doing. You want it to continue to flow and be organic. However, you don't want to be too green in the process and not spiritually grounded in your vision for what you're doing.

Ask yourself. What is your universal truth and purpose?


(s, m, r, v)

4 of Wands | XVIII. Moon

Cosmic Messages: Vesta 8H

Oracle Messages: Gardener Grandfather

Sagittarius, there's a milestone you're making. After a period of dedication, you may be feeling ready to finally relax and acknowledge that you're getting what you've been working for. Your intuition is heightening right now so you may also realize your spiritual growth is not something that you should downplay either.

It's 8H time. Long-term, full maturation is the focus. Vesta encourages us to know what we're willing to put our all into and remain devoted to. Your psychic nature and spiritual journey are becoming a priority when you're reflecting on what's truly important to you. You may also be emotionally drawn to your passions that contribute to your lifelong commitments.

Prioritize celebrating and entertaining that which contributes to your legacy and what you want to pass down. If you may be catching the sense that fleeting and temporary desires are more of a distraction than a good time. Now is the time to be present in your growth and fully experience what's worthwhile in your life. You've earned it, Sagittarius.


(s, m, r, v)

Queen of Cups | 3 of Swords

Cosmic Messages: Saturn Uranus

Oracle Messages: Caregiver Artisian

Tarot Messages: Queen of Pentacles (RX) Knight of Swords

Capricorns, you guys are really making strides emotionally, especially in regard to your self-worth. It looks like your perspective shifted after turning who you thought you were on its head. Much of your previous hurt and disappointment was wrapped up in expectations that weren't serving you anymore so you're restructuring things.

This full moon is about you looking for ways to solidify your grounding in this level of independence now that you've switched things up. There's a focus on looking at ways to reinvent what it means to be in the various different roles you play in people's lives. You may want the people you normally serve to rely on you less. That way you can focus on your ambitions and your craft.

Be clear and compassionate in establishing the baseline of what's going to make you happy. You don't want to be too extreme now that you're in a good space and cause an imbalance in your work-home flow. Just be proactive in your communication and let people know you're preparing to step into full boss mode so you may need to make some adjustments.


(s, m, r, v)

6 of Cups | 0. Fool

Cosmic Messages: New Moon Waxing Gibbous Moon

Oracle Messages: Mineral Rhythm Maker

Tarot Messages: King of Pentacles X. Wheel of Fortune

Aquarius, you're getting a blank slate this full moon. Starting fresh. Some of you may be primarily seeing this on an emotional level but this can also show up in your finances and work. You're definitely getting a chance to do things differently and it's mostly because you feel differently about how you've been moving.

I think you've realized the ways in which you've cheated yourself out of doing something the way you fully intended. There could have been due to a childlike nature of doing what's convenient for how you feel, learned behavior rooted in old wounds, or not fully realizing what your natural rhythm and routines are. Regardless, the reset comes after acknowledging that there was a level of maturing or attention to detail that had to happen on your part. That way you can get the full satisfaction from being in a position of power.

The new moon may be when you can expect to see results from this. So pay attention to how to bypass making the mistakes you've made in the past. Be intentional. Think about what makes you feel solid and secure in your unique ability to shift things. You have the Universe offering another chance. Show that you've truly learned and that you are willing to do what it takes to fully step up to the position you're in. You're in a very fortunate place this full moon. Remember gratitude and maturity is your friend during this cycle.


(s, m, r, v)

2 of Pentacles | 3 of Pentacles RX

Cosmic Messages: Sun 10H

Oracle Messages: Grandmother Master Ancestor DNA

Tarot Messages: 4 of Swords RX 10 of Pentacles 4 of Wands 10 of Swords

Pisces. It's getting real. You are feeling the energetic toll that your finances and projects are taking on you. You are juggling a lot. You do have a couple of things balanced but you literally don't have the organization nor the team in place to add on anything else. Which is a risky place to be if anything goes wrong. If you're maxed out, it's time to take a moment to plan, put some systems in place, and delegate some of your workload so you can keep things in a harmonious flow.

10H energy is being highlighted for you, Pisces. Career, success, heritage. It's not about being a worker bee right now. It's about the table you have or can build and what you bring to it. The Sun is shining on your Capricorn/Saturn/Earth energy with this full moon. I think if you focus on what you don't have rather than what you do, you'll be missing out on the lesson here. Show that you have a unique set of abilities. While it might not be truly balanced without hard work and digging deep within, you can still make an impact.

You'll have your moments to celebrate and appreciate your milestones along the way too. In the meantime, Saturn is testing the ways in which you show up when your deep psychological wounds are also being triggered. Can you still make things happen and honor your character while you may be working at your energetic capacity and dealing with one of the most deeply transformative periods of your life? That's the grit people are talking about that makes or breaks someone.

If you know you need help, don't hold back on asking. Teamwork makes the dream work. If you notice that there's a disconnect in your energetic currency flow, take a step back. Take a full inventory of what's needed for your financial security, long-term success, and what you're willing to contribute it. Each area should get a gracious, shared contribution of your time and energy. If not, then put a pause on it or let go of the things that you can't give that investment to right now. That's when you should start to see where you can find more balance and even things out.


(s, m, r, v)

XXI. The World | Queen of Cups

Cosmic Messages: Pluto Waning Gibbous Moon

Oracle Messages: Seed Father

Aries, this full moon cycle is showing up for new beginnings. You really had to dig deep and face some of your more Plutonian emotions. The unconscious and subconscious ways in which you show up for what makes you feel whole and at peace are being highlighted. You're seeking more insight and research on how to plant the right seeds and make the right efforts to show up differently.

Your paternal side or masculine element is influencing the aspects you're looking to renew and expand on in terms of how you connect with a sense of community and gain emotional fulfillment. You're looking at the ways you show up as a provider and authority figure. Pluto is showing up to shake things ups anyway so be ready. It would be a good practice to take a look at where Pluto is transiting in your chart, the 8th and 12th house as well. Which can give you an idea of where subconscious and conscious things can blindside you.

The World card and Queen of Cups are working together to give you a new opportunity for emotional maturity. Seek council or continue to if you have already. The Waning Gibbous moon is about releasing lingering emotional baggage and revealing how you truly feel. With Pluto, this is a call for vulnerability and the naked truth.

This should give you a chance to integrate more of your balanced energy. Allowing you to be whole as an individual whenever you enter partnerships regardless of the power dynamics.


(s, m, r, v)

IV. The Emperor | Ace of Pentacles

Cosmic Messages: Eros Jupiter

Oracle Messages: Inventor Passion

Tarot Messages: XVII. Star 4 of Swords

Okay, Taurus. With this full moon, you got a chance to indulge. Very good energy coming from you. Obviously, with the Emperor, you're stepping fully into your rightful power. Your finances are improving and you have lucky Jupiter on your side. Honestly, the only real advice you have showing up is to make sure you're getting your rest and giving yourself time for deep contemplation or meditation. That way you're not throwing off your mental fortitude.

You're feeling very inventive during this full moon cycle. You have healthy outlets for the things you like and that you enjoy. So really, as long as you're balanced about your approach you should be fine. Eros energy can be a bit indulgent so don't try to do it all at once. Take your time so you really get to enjoy things while they're going good. You don't want to rush to the hard parts by taking on too much. That would be the 4 of Swords in RX (burnout, etc.).

Let's be real Taurus, y'all manifested this. I think you're getting more of your way because you've shown you can handle this level of responsibility, power, and leadership. Happy Full Moon!

Author's note: Astrologically, Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is exalted in Pisces. While full moons are normally a time of release, when it's in a sign of your exaltation, things may show up differently. For example, a release of stress or financial strife.


(s, m, r, v)

Queen of Pentacles (RX) | Ace of Wands

Cosmic Messages: Mars Waxing Gibbous Moon

Oracle Messages: Innocent (rx) Hunter

Tarot Messages: Knight of Swords King of Wands

Okay, so Capricorns are dealing with a similar situation but with different circumstances. Gemini, it looks like you're being called to step into a new level of independence either based on what you've been instinctually thinking or just kind feel a strong desire for. You've been really paying attention to the details of what motivates you and what stirs you to act.

Your ambitions are your biggest focus right now. You want to feel less like the prey and more like the predator of your circumstances. This is a good place to be for a full moon cycle. At the root of it, you're clear on the fact that you're a natural-born leader. You just need to put the pieces together to figure out how to fully seize the opportunities you have presented.

There may be creative ways you can get what you're looking for but that's going to be based on how you think about the situation. In regards to money and your passions, you're already in a good position to make things happen. However, with the Knight of Swords, you might not be as savvy and intellectually up on how to fully maximize the aspects you have in your favor. Whereas you might be more impulsive without realizing there was more to plan for and consider before moving forward.

Geminis, you have a good recipe. Just take your time. Get some practice in with expanding your current flow so you're not going hardbody on something that needed a more delicate touch.


(s, m, r, v)

0. Fool | 9 of Cups

Cosmic Messages: Pallas Athena Hygeia

Oracle Messages: Actor (rx) Healer

Tarot Messages: 7 of Swords 4 of Pentacles

Okay, emotional reset, Cancers. It's time to take a break and really return to a sense of inner contentment and emotional wholeness. You're closer to feeling complete emotionally than you would be in terms of anything else and that's for a reason. Pallas Athena is the warrior and it entered Cancer on September 6th. I think you've been getting to the root of what you need in terms of healing and gaining a sense of emotional security. That way you can rule over your troops with clarity and healthy practices.

There may have been some habitual patterns that used to keep you happy but you're doing something new to get the core. Pallas Athena and Hygeia are coming together for you to purify and plan. Whatever is coming up for you in regards to your health, mental and otherwise. Go ahead and prioritize learning and trying ways for healthy upkeep so you can fully have this emotional rebirth.

You're being offered more things to be grateful for with the new moon if you take a fresh start. Be open to new approaches and alternative ways of making things better. You may see shortcuts that work in your favor. Just be mindful to avoid the artifice that can come with 7 of swords' energy. It's not about what sounds good and more about what you can verify will work for you in a complete and fully integrated way.


(s, m, r, v)

IV. The Emperor | Ace of Pentacles

Cosmic Messages: 11H Scorpio

Oracle Messages: Actor Gardener Rebel Holy One

Tarot Messages: 0. Fool 9 of Wands

Leos, you and Taurus are on the same type of time. You are laser-focused though Leos. You have a renewed sense of what's important to you. Your community, individual freedom, and the room to pursue things that inspire you. You want to feel alive again and accomplished. Instead of like you're in a place of resilience and adversity. With this full moon, you get a chance to feel that sense of completion and preparation for a new playing field.

You don't have to go about this alone at all, Leos. If you want to completely annihilate your obstacles and make moves to achieve big goals, your social capital and psychic intelligence can give you that push. Cultivate that which motivates you to stay at the top of your game.

New financial opportunities may be present for you as well. I think for many of you, it's still in the idea phase. If there are some new projects for you to pursue, but you're a novice, stay engaged and use your resiliency to show that you're adamant about closing any learning gaps that may come up.

Happy Full Moon, Leos! This is a cycle that offers you a stepping stone for you to get closer to sitting on your throne.

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