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Full Moon Aries

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Oct 9th, 2022 4:55 PM Full Moon in Aries 16 Aries 33'


s, m, r, v: sun, moon, rising, and/or venus


XIV. Temperance Page of Cups

Advice: 13. Inner Healer 41. Warrior Women

Clarity: Fire (passion) Writer (words)

Happy full moon, Aries! This full moon is bringing you an offer of new or deeper emotional connections and balance. You may see where a holistic approach is better suited for your love life and emotional health. Potentially because there may be remnants of when you’ve had to be defensive and on-guard, but you see that it’s not needed as much now. The inner work you’ve been doing remains at the forefront. Don’t sway from that as it is allowing you to harness your passions and desires while giving you a signature voice to truly express yourself.

Many of you are working through feeling like you must go above and beyond to prove yourself worthy or deserving. Release those overzealous, overcompensating habits during this full moon. You’ll see there’s a time and place for it but right now your life is calling you to have harmonious checks and balances within energetic exchanges. One that flows and is considerate of the multitude of facets you are pouring into.

For singles, there may be multiple love offers coming in and you’re prioritizing balancing an ignited love life with the healing work you’re doing for yourself. Just pace it and make sure things are compartmentalized for what’s most important for your inner growth and self-mastery. Nothing that makes you feel like you have a challenge to rise to in order to maintain it. That may open old wounds.

Couples, there's potentially a new proposal to improve the harmony in the relationship. Self-control and mastery of emotions, passions, or desires are highlighted. Use this full moon energy to learn how to harness the fire of your relationships and release what is throwing things out of whack.


Ace of Wands 2 of Pentacles 2 of Swords

Advice: 38. The Shift RX 29. Soul loss

Clarity: Earth (Lifegiver) Grandfather (Presence)

So, this is interesting, Taurus. It looks like you’re a little disconnected or feeling at a crossroads in terms of your personal passions. As well as how that relates to your spiritual journey, finances, and mindset. You have a good balance on things financially but in other areas, you’re in a contemplative state. The advice is clear as day. The Shift has already happened. Maybe you’re expecting another shoe to drop to thrust you into action. But really this full moon is pushing you to see where your individual soul essence is needed to serve the shifts happening collectively and personally.

You’re being called to be more present this full moon cycle. Self-reflection and meditation will serve you well. There’s a specific passion project or initiative that you have in mind that’s ready to be ignited. Get centered, weigh the options, and get solid on a singular focus for your goals. You see multiple paths opening which can cause stagnation but choose what allows you to keep the balance you’ve established financially while making room to act on your individual specific passions.


IV. Emperor XIII. Death

Clarity: Rebel RX Artist

Advice: 30. Spirit of the East RX 15. Karmic Debt

Okay, Geminis. This is a pivotal full moon for you guys. You’re being assisted by this full moon to fully mature your masculine energy. To improve your approach to responsibilities, being a provider, and how you go about building your legacy. The rebel stage is over right now, Geminis. Whatever you’re working towards or wanting to be established in your life, will require you to not cross the boundaries needed to make sure things grow. There are pivotal moments in your development that can shape your trajectory of relationships, businesses, and anything that's evolving in your life. This is to test if you’re truly ready for the power that comes with it. Are you willing to truly respect what comes with what you're composing?

There’s karmic debt here suggesting that you may have run away from responsibility or accountability in the past. Now is the time to face any challenges head-on. Self-awareness, clarity, and truth are the advice from the Spirit of the East. Meaning that there are some things that you have to be real with yourself about. If you’re trying to use unorthodox methods for building long-term relationships or business opportunities, it’s time to reconsider. Take care of the fundamentals first before you try to go against the grain. Get things flowing first before you try to remix dynamics that have already been established. There’s a lot of creativity that can happen within what you have to work with now.

Be open to where you’re signaled to step up to the plate or take charge. This Aries full moon is helping to clear some karmic debt. Be willing to see yourself clearly and put old ways that don't serve you to rest.


Ace of Pentacles 10 of Swords

Clarity: Hero RX Healer

Advice: 44. You are Sacred 11. Forest Tears

Cancers. Okay. So, this full moon energy may be intense in regards to the things on your mind. At the root of it, you may be dealing with loss, potential relationship trauma, or feelings of prolonged persecution. This is happening at the same time you have a new opportunity coming forward. Potentially financial, career-wise, or just an improvement to your quality of life. That dichotomy might be a bit uncomfortable.

A lot of times when good things happen to us, we want to have the right mental state to receive it but that’s not the case for you right now. There’s some emotional healing that needs to be done. It’s time to release your emotions at the root of how you’re feeling rather than the surface. There might be some long overdue tears that are ready to come up.

For some reason, you’re not feeling like a true Hero right now. As if you feel like you don’t have the qualifications to be seen as a hero or like you’ve always been the “bad guy” in other people’s narrative, so you’re only supposed to be the villain. Cut it out, Cancers. You are a divine being! Everything you do is sacred, from mistakes to your success. All of it is divine! Do what you have to do to release these notions. Cry it out. Get it out. Whatever it takes to release what’s ruminating on your mind.

This new opportunity would be best undertaken with a clear mind and without projections of lack or oppression from the past. What you’ve been through MAKES you the Hero, it doesn’t take away from it.


II. High Priestess 9 of Pentacles Queen of Swords

Clarity: Ruler (Leadership) Hero

Advice: 22. Rise 38. The Shift

Leos… this is some sexy energy for the full moon. You’re showing up as more independent, a leader, and a master of your spiritual power. It’s time to RISE, Leos. Maybe you’ve been playing it as the sidekick or the behind-the-scenes person lately but that’s not where you belong. You have a powerful position in the Shift that’s happening collectively. You have the right ideas and a strategic approach that will bring things full circle. People see you as the full package.

You’re right at the end of wrapping up any outstanding things financially or contractually. This is making room for you to stake your full claim. It's already clear that you have a good head on your shoulders, you're financially independent, and you have the spiritual foresight. You’re just gearing up to do something in regards to providing counsel, being a leader, or sharing life-changing ideas.

The full moon is definitely affirming the success of any opportunities that are in their final stages of maturation. You’ve been putting in the work. All you gotta do is keep showing up.


8 of Swords RX 4 of Swords

Clarity: Musician (Sound) Master Ancestor DNA

Advice: 42. Wild Winds 33. Spirit of the West

Happy Full Moon, Scorpios! Y’all are reaching important personal milestones in regards to your overall mental well-being. Negative self-talk and limiting self-beliefs are being released. You might notice you haven’t even been in a negative state of mind for a minute now.

Vibrations, tones, and frequencies are a major part of your spiritual growth and self-discovery right now. Paying attention to the subtle signals or true intentions behind what's expressed. You’re picking up on the psychic messages embedded in speech, music, and the media you consume or produce.

You have the power of the water gods on your side with the Spirit of the West here. Your intuition and psychic ability are heightened. All you have to do is tap into your emotional depth productively.

You are being called to solitude so if you feel yourself distancing from your usual dynamics that’s fine. Just continue to be mindful of synchronicities and cryptic messages. Actively seek them as well, you’re mastering ancestral gifts.


9 of Cups 6 of Cups

Clarity: Rhythm Maker RX Mentor (Coach)

Advice: 7. Death 2. Accept Your Gifts

You’re gaining some emotional fulfillment this full moon cycle, Sagittarius. It looks like you’re getting it through making a big transition or reconnecting with things related to your inner child. Those that have been giving you support lately are adding to this for you. Maybe your friend group or someone you’re close with but they're a major part of helping your process to reach a more complete sense of happiness.

Death in this reading comes with a positive omen. The old part of you that was emotionally humble and a little bit off your mojo is dead. You’re seeing how you make things move and shake. Your gifts and talents are apparent to everyone else. It’s just time for you to step into it confidently and with self-assurance. This new level of emotional growth will help with that.


2 of Cups RX King of Cups

Clarity: Explorer (Adventure) Father (Authority)

Advice: 14. Ivy 3. Balance

Ophiuchus. This is full moon is quite a lovefest for you guys. Your self-love and emotional security are elevated. You’re solid in who you are and what you bring to the table especially in regards to relationships. This might have been triggered by a previous love offer that went sour. However, with self-discovery and exploring new experiences, you’ve been able to truly take authority over your love life and emotional satisfaction.

Advice? Invest in your social self-care. Nourish and replenish the relationships that you care about. You have a much better balance to it now so feel free to roam. Couples, take some time to be intentional about forming a deeper bond and find more adaptable experiences for you and your partner to explore. You’re growing and your relationship is due for an update to meet this new level of control you have on life.


Knight of Swords RX 4 of Swords

Clarity: Celestial Boundless (RX) Grandmother (Grace)

Advice: 30. Spirit of the East 3. Balance

Whew okay, Capricorns. This is a helluva full moon for you guys. There’s something coming up in regards to impulsive or immature energy. Potentially due to a communication breakdown or not being able to keep your word. Either on your behalf or someone else’s. This could be because someone is losing focus or just lacking direction altogether. If this is you, it’s because you need to take some time to take a step back. Go within and truly reflect on how you want to concentrate your energy.

It’s time to have more grace for yourself. Relax and pace yourself. You’re being called to take an intentional moment for solitude so you can suspend yourself from the concept of being on a countdown. Especially if you're rushing yourself to take action. You might have too many projects in progress and you’re not able to keep up with what you said you’d do. Don’t be so overwhelmed by all the new ideas you’re acting on. Rest, recoup, and get clarity on how to have a balanced approach.

If this Knight of Sword RX energy is coming from someone else, you might have to isolate yourself for a moment. So you can have an idea of the foundation you want to be established before you bring other people into the mix. Grace is still required though. You might not know what the other person is fully going through. Gaining clarity and getting to the truth of things is going to show you where you can give people grace and how to have a balance in regard to your expectations of them.


King of Wands Knight of Swords

Clarity: Dancer (Movement) Moon (Cycle)

Advice: 33. Spirit of the West 2. Accept Your Gifts 35. Spiritual Journey 17. Medicine Woman

Aquarius, this is full moon cycle you’re being called to a position of leadership. It looks like your ambitious and driven nature has earned you more recognition and leverage. This can also be from being around those types of people. You may be feeling the entrepreneurial spirit or becoming way more confident about your passions and creativity.

You’re in your season when you’re making moves. You may have been in a slump in the past and you don’t want to miss the window opening for you to act. Just pay attention to your natural cycles and there won’t be so much pressure around it.

Advice? Be more confident in your knowing that you’re truly gifted. It’s not because of the people you’re around or who co-signs you. No validation is needed for you to see how gifted and talented you are. Focus more on your spiritual journey. Learning how to use ancestral practices or natural remedies to assist with your current passions is going to be key. That way you have more tools in your arsenal to supplement for those moments when you're experiencing delays or need a period of rest. You have some gems to discover, Aquarius.


V. Hierophant 3 of Wands RX

Clarity: Lover (Love) Shadow (Darkness)

Advice: 43. Womb 7. Death

Okay, Pisces! I have a word for you this full moon cycle. Pisces, you’ve been letting delays and blockages cause you to play it too small. You may have mishandled your time management or just didn’t know how long things would actually take to develop. This is not a sign to shy away from the limelight though, Pisces. You’re supposed to have these experiences so that as you continue your journey, you’ll know what to expect.

Shadow work has been a major focus for you lately. It seems like the darkness you're discovering about yourself in regard to your love life or self-love is causing you to retract from making progress on your more grandiose passions. Listen, this type of darkness is what creates life in the womb. It's all-encompassing. You don't have to have the perfect example of a love life or self-love journey to still be impactful. Don't shrink and cast yourself to the side because you're getting more acquainted with your shadow.

Hierophant is a sign that the fundamentals of your spiritual practices and wisdom are most important at this time. Either because you’ve mastered it and are ready to teach. Or because you will be entering spaces where you’re learning and growing with others in a community setting. Therefore dogma will only cloud the core principles shared amongst each other.

In these spaces, how you navigate blockages and challenges are the testimonials that people actually want to know to see that your personal growth is authentic and attainable. Picture-perfect, orthodox methods might not be received well. The more you share about how you’ve overcome challenges; the more you’re going to be exposed to a range of creative processes and healing mechanisms that work for others. As a leader or pivotal community member, you don’t want your own limiting beliefs to stagnant your expanding spiritual knowledge.

The advice is quite interesting. The way you once looked at your creative and healing process is falling away. It can’t sustain in this new space you’re going so it has to die out. Drop the preconceived notions you have about alternate spiritual wisdom and healing practices that you haven't experienced firsthand. It's a limitation for what's next for you.

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