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Collective Reading September 2022

Divine messages: Imagination | Seeding | Uranus | Jupiter

Oracle Messages: Feast of Plenty | Choices and Their Consequences | Connectivity

The stories you’ve been telling yourself are going to be intensified in the month of September. Be prepared to edit or draft an outline to craft it to unfold in the way you intend. There are clear messages and testimonies coming through the grapevine. Take heed and prepare for any foreshadowing themes you see showing up in your life.

We’re in the shadow period and early stages of retrograde for a couple of major planets. What you’re seeing now, is to prepare you for what to be mindful of as we get deeper into this quarter. “Close calls” or almost mishaps can tell you where to pay more attention.

Be real about what you've worked for and the quality of it, so that you're practical about where you're starting. It's perfectly okay if you get more consistent results from something simple yet meaningful. If you have something larger than life coming to fruition, it's because of long-term investing. If not, it may not last through the winter so don't rush a quality process. Some may be exalted for their work. Keep in mind, it's what's karmically due based on the seeds they've planted and connections they've made. Once, we get deeper into Fall equinox, those projects should be coming to light as well.

Welcome to Virgo season. The time for harvest. There is work you've put in that you will see the results from with more ease. Things are manifesting faster because of the maturation of your development process. You may feel more efficient and make more progress with things you've been focused on.

Cosmically, much of what Jupiter will be amplifying is more about habits and behaviors that feed into self-images, self-beliefs, and the ways in which you engage in relationships. Be mindful of thinking too highly or too small of yourself. Delusions of grandeur and Virgo season don't quite mix. If there are chronic things you normally need to maintain, pay attention to your bodily cues. There could be some acute ways your body is showing how to get ahead of it now. It makes sense for this to come up if you think about nature gearing up for seasonal transitions.

Word to the Wise?

Oracle Messages: Teachability Cosmic Womb Initiation Beginner's Mind

Your areas of magnetism should be becoming more nimble and sustainable for a harvest that can last throughout a long winter. Uranus and Jupiter are going to show you where small daily changes can make significant differences for you to be in a better position. Don't be closed off to learning a new approach or perspective on something you're used to doing a certain way. Have a contingency plan for any traditional methods you might be relying on or waiting for before you take action. New policies or initiatives may be put in place that makes them less relevant sooner than later.

The way we speak to ourselves, and others are going to be highlighted. Especially for the feminine element. When I say feminine element, I’m referring to receptive energy. Internalized tensions can cause a rise in lashing out and outburst as we solidify into Mercury RX. Proactively release steam and let go of things that cause you to harden up and prevent you from truly tapping into your softness. The "soft life" is about being safe to be vulnerable and gentle more than anything else.

Water Signs

Queen of Swords | XIX. Sun (rx)

Divine Messages: Instinct Coach Love Flow

Oracle Messages: Refusal of the Call Crown Games A Time of Necessary Losses Completion

Water signs, some of y'all have been put into leadership positions but have not fully embraced it yet. Either you know it and you haven't done anything with it or you feel as though "knowing it is enough." Regardless, you actually have to step into the sun with it, water signs. Your reservations could be because you can't believe that people would actually look to you as a role model (shadow: self-belief and self-confidence). Maybe you may feel like you have more to learn about mastering the instincts that put you in this position in the first place (shadow: stagnancy in going to get or asking for resources/support). All of which are valid reasons for taking your time, but the waters are ready to start flowing again.

Come to terms with how you expected it to be. Don't let your ego paint a false self-image just to keep you comfortable. There may be some things you have to trade-off that your inner child wants to hold onto for a sense of security. But it doesn't allow you to fully stand in the responsibilities you have in this next phase of maturation. Do not overcompensate for anything falling away at this time, it's only to free up energy to fully step into your position.

With the full moon in Pisces this month and Pallas Athena entering Cancer, the receptive and magnetic energy is heightened for the water tribe. “How you think is how you react.” Breathwork and meditation are going to be your saving grace this month. It can really help you navigate these murky Mercury waters. When you notice yourself entering into hyper-criticism, limiting self-talk, or disrupting energy flows check your body language and breathing. Neptune is still in retrograde so petty contortions won't stick. Also, any mind control used to manipulate power dynamics is going to be easily revealed. There's a difference between true alchemy and party trick illusions.

Body and breathwork, water signs. That way you set aside time to just be present to receive what is destined for you.

You’ll see amplified success and earn recognition this month if you stay your course and complete things that should be closed out by the start of the next season. Pay attention to intuitive cues to act on or delay things. The more present you are in your body, the easier it will be to pick up on things. Check in with your guides and ancestors because there is a call for you to have a trusted council. Especially if you’re prompted to lead the charge on something. You were never meant to go at this alone so seek trusted guidance. You were chosen to step up for a reason and the support will be there.

Earth Signs

XVII. Star | IX. Hermit

Divine Messages: Movement Performance Mentor Lover

Oracle Messages: Compassion The Universe is Your Partner Power of Community Sacred Contract (rx)

Being present in the body is a major theme for you as well, Earth signs. Especially since Venus is entering Virgo this month. Which opens more practical means for you to connect to yourself and others. If there are any important fire signs in your life, that relationship may be going into negotiations. "Keeping your word" and compassion is going to play a big factor. Ultimately, you'll be taking more time to really hone in on your inner voice and personal spiritual practices. Your tribe is going to support this new layer of self-discovery as long as you don't close yourself off too much.

Earth energy is at the forefront of what the collective “should” be doing with the North node in Taurus. You may be showing up as an exemplary leader, so your word is taken as bond. There's a strong possibility you're in the position to experience doing something you were destined to do. You could also be showing people that they don't have to follow preconceived expectations of them. Either way, what you're doing is motivating people to take action and bringing a lot of momentum to get what you're aiming for.

You have Venus giving you what is healthy and necessary for your growth. As well as the North node signaling the direction when change is happening. Ceres enters Virgo at the end of the month, to provide a clear audit of what you can expect to reap. Plant the seeds you want to see grow. Fulfilling your soul contracts with true embodiment will raise your star power better than doing it just for the sake of getting it done. Get present in your body and the true sensation of the energy you're amplifying.

It feels like a lot of you guys may have been on the lone wolf path longer than needed. A teacher, a new course, or even just a support system that can help you prioritize your intentions can bring about a fitting experience. Someone who can help incubate your thoughts and keep track of ideas that can expand on what you’re currently doing. The Universe is giving you everything you need for your movement through the people around you, Earth signs. Use that with reverence and wisdom to make something sacred and worthwhile.

"Your wish is my command."

Fire Signs

V. Hierophant | Ace of Pentacles RX

Divine Messages: Darkness Communication Action

Oracle Messages: Power of Community Sacred Contract Forgiveness Preparations Come to Fruition

Yeah, Jupiter in Aries is bringing the biggest attraction to the fire element. The biggest highlights are only happening at two pivotal points this month, so at least it won’t be chronic tension. Fire signs might be dealing with some sudden or unexpected changes this month. Stay on top of your shadow work and transparency within communication. Especially regarding anything contractual or long-term.

Your time, your money, and your joy are your biggest driving forces this month. Anything that impacts those areas can catch your full force. How well these areas are protected may be tested a couple of times this month. Speak up, put things in writing, and have a security blanket/receipt in place. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, especially when it comes to finances.

It would be in good practice to document everything and keep all records. Double-check what you need to if you have anything important happening in September that involves contracts. Don’t only check for mistakes but also keep an eye out for any loopholes that may help things go in your favor.

Ask the right questions this month and don’t avoid hard conversations. The more prepared you are to face the unknown (shadow work), the more favorable the outcome. Hierophant favors the calm and calculated. He uses wisdom as a means of protection instead of brute force. Tap into that cool, collected energy if any conflict arises with relationships or business dealings.

It looks like you have a chance to come together after a tough moment this month. Maybe with people who you were once close to, but it may come after something major happens. I would trust the people who have proven they can keep their word to be there for you. There might be something karmic that comes up that'll be out of your control but you can trust people or someone to have your back.

The more objective you are, the more you’ll see how the scales balance out. Which should allow you to let bygones be bygones for any offers that may not work out. The Libra new moon coming towards the end of the month should help assist in any money situations you’re looking to turn around. You still have this last leg to get through though.

Air Signs

XI. Justice | XIII. Death

Divine Messages: Peacekeeper Courage Craftsmanship Artist

Oracles Messages: Lost In Space Skybridge Me-Tox Teachability Clarity & Organization

Mars in Gemini is adding an extra gust of wind to your sails. Things are wrapping up completely for you, air signs. You're going from floating and feeling things out, to being on stable ground. There may be a transitionary phase that fasting, extra rest, or a social media break can help with. You want to be able to show up fresh and ready to go.

This is going to be a busy and productive month for you if choose now to start a new project or finish up an old one. Your physical involvement will move things faster. Your presence is sparking completion and speeding up the progression of any group projects or goals. If you’ve been thinking about holding off on establishing something because you want to make sure everything is “right” or “until you get the money.” Go ahead and start to make arrangements now. Study up and act on what you can. By you being physically present in the right places, you’ll get a lot closer to your goals. Work with where you are now so you can build the momentum and sense of security you think is supposed to come later.

Mercury RX in Libra may be setting the scene for separations or apology tours from people who have wronged you. The new moon coming in is ready for fresh intentions so it’s good to clear the air by then. There may be a breakdown in rationale or fairness happening. The peacekeeper speaks about a level of self-righteousness that clouds objectivity for the sake of being “right.” Have the courage to do what’s objectively beneficial rather than placating to any pre-established belief systems.

Beliefs that you have to be "exceptionally good, pure, and free of sin to be worthy of grace, mercy, or glory" are not only false; but also unproductive when it comes to the manifestation of growth and development. The reason I bring that up is that I have a very specific message about some of you who may need to prioritize your craft/talent. This may be due to perfection-paralysis, overthinking, or feeling like you need time to reflect. Test things out, learn new things in regard to your passions, and remain engaged in the process of transforming your craftsmanship.

Legal dealings and debts are getting weighed out with the new moon Libra this month. So expect any outstanding qualms to be addressed or coming to completion, air signs. We’re stepping into Libra season shortly so settle your scores and put things to rest so you can focus more on the harmony and serenity your craft brings you.

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